In response to a surge in requests for advice on maintenance, repairs and recommissioning systems, we’ve produced the checklist below of the most commonly asked questions. This covers all business sectors and all types of plant and equipment from boilers to air handling units. We hope you find it useful and if we have missed anything, or you want help with your systems, please get in touch.

  • Check all certifications are current for Gas equipment
  • Check service and inspections have been completed in accordance with SFG20
  • Check gas tightness testing has been completed in the past 5 years
  • Carry out water quality test to comply with L8 and reduce costs
  • Check all general electrical testing has been completed and logs updated
  • Test all fire systems and update all logs
  • Recommission Gas or AC systems in accordance with SFG30
  • Clean air conditioning filters and ventilation systems

For further details please download the checklist here

If you need any advice on the management of these systems or any compliance requirement, please contact our service desk or call the team on 020 7793 4002. We are always here to help 24/7/365.

Our maintenance, repair and installation services include:

Building Management System (BMS)/Controls

Motors, Generators, UPS’s and Battery Systems

Catering Services

Oil Supply

Chilled Water Systems

Pipework (All Systems)

Compressed Air Systems

Refrigerant Gases

DX Cooling Plant

Security Monitoring and Access Systems

Electrical Systems

Swimming Pools

Emergency Lighting

Transformers and Substations

Fire Alarm Systems

Ventilation Plant

Gas Supply

Water Hygiene Services

Heating System

Water Services – Fire Protection and Environmental Supply Systems

Lighting and Lighting Systems